Parents initial reaction????   STOP STOP STOP.  I don't wanna talk about it.  OMG .  PAUSED>>>>

The age of puberty.   Whatever the reasons for this, reaching puberty influences the age of first love and first sexual experience. It is rare now to marry a first love. Today's teenagers date not for mate selection but for fun. However, the first love experience is no less powerful than it was in the 1940's.  Well we have to face facts now.  Teenagers are hard to follow, if they feel the so called LOVE then that's it!!!  Parents should be there to guide them.  

Even more belittled by many parents is a teenager's (or preteen's) love for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Adults refer to these relationships with demeaning language, calling them "just puppy love," and these romantic bonds are not taken seriously. Parents question the ability of teenagers to know what love is, yet they accept their teenagers' statements, "I love you, Mom & Dad," with full appreciation and at face value. If adults accept that teenagers can love parents truly, then shouldn't they also accept that teen romances are "real" love?

REAL LOVE?  I have a daughter who is now on her teenage years, seeing and observing her, my little darling, my beautiful daughter has grown up into a strong, confident woman who knows her own mind.  She is fond of telling stories about her crushes in and outside the school.  But I keep on telling her, well that is not real love, just a "puppy love" (hope it stay like that).  <crossing my fingers>....

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