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Right after giving birth I saw many marks on my skin, specifically in my legs. As my OB-GYNE Doctor have told me there many causes why skin cause to stretch and scar - weight fluctuations, pregnancy and fast growth spurts are mostly the main reason of skin stretching. And even if I gain or loss weight stretch marks will really occur.

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The fact that I went to a hormonal changes and gain weight, pressure in the vein increases, causing blood vessels in the legs to enlarge, leaving a red, spiderlike mark.

It's possible for swollen varicose veins to improve 3 to 6 months after delivery, but stubborn spider veins stay for awhile or be there forever. You can keep it from hiding by wearing long pants, but however if the time comes that you need to wear shorts and lighter clothing, well there are other options for you to make it less obvious. 


There are no topical creams to eliminate spider veins in the face, buttocks and legs, so the best bet is to have a full-coverage. Here I will give you 3-methods I have learned 13 years ago from my OB-GYNE, hope it will help you get over those "rough" and "stubborn" veins and overcome stress and anxiety in dealing this kind of a problem and build confidence and self-esteem again.


1. Exfoliate your skin - using body scrub with oats or you can use my DIY body scrub with caffeine these will help your skin appear tighter, lighten and smoother.

By the way, I use body & facial wash and scrub with oats from NINÉT.

2. Try other makeup products that will suits your skin tone. We have different skin tone, so you may have try few other products to see which is best for you. Try a body & leg cover up cream, the likes of:

BB BODY CREAMS to hide leg veins

Take note: It should have a sunscreen protection, remember sunburn can discolor or reduce the elasticity of the skin and make stretchmarks more noticeable.   

3. Try a full coverage of a concealer. If you have a cover up product, dip a flat foundation brush. Dap it gently to areas with stretchmarks, just use a very light layer of makeup. Assess the coverage that you get from a single layer. Properly layer the makeup in thin coats until you get the desire effect.

You can try also the CM Beauty Leg Magic made specifically for the varicose veins.

~ read here Concealer Made Specifically For Body Skin


1.  Choose a Leg Tanner - before you do this have a self check first if you have allergies in tanning, always remember we have different skin types (better ask your dermatologist about that). If you don't have skin allergies, proceed and continue method 2.

By the way, this method works well for older, white stretchmarks. And always choose a self-tanner that does not come in a spray bottle, instead buy a lotion self-tanning product labeled "streak-free". Like this product from Amazon.

2. Prepare your legs for tanner by exfoliating. Use body scrub the morning before you apply self-tanner. Exfoliating your skin will help tanning to last longer.

TAKE NOTE: Do not apply any skin product to your legs the day you apply the tanner.

3.  Applying the Tanner. Prepare a plate or a bowl, this will serve as your makeup palette. Get a cotton swab and dab the self-tanner. Apply along the line of the white stretch mark. Wipe off excess self-tanner with a clean end of the cotton swab.

TAKE NOTE: Be sure to tan your arms and legs for an even, natural-look. If you have difficulty in applying, ask someone to do it for you.

4. Correcting any mistakes. Let your skin dry in order to see the effect. If a spot is not yet okay have it corrected, use by scrubbing with a washcloth and water. You can use exfoliating scrub, it can erase streaks on a large areas of skin.


1. Red or white stretch marks has different approach in covering it. Red stretch marks are fresh and it can be easily minimized or reduce using certain products. White stretch marks are older and there is no cream that can change their appearance. However, if you always follow skin routine, by using moisturizer it will help your skin heal over time, and make it look less obvious.

2. Tone your legs. Walking is fine but if you can do some other exercising that can help your inner and outer thighs look great why not ask for assistance from a personal trainer to develop a leg routine work out. In this, it will help firm your muscles underneath your stretch marks.

*3. Get prescriptions from a Dermatologist for cream and/or makeup that are dermatologist tested.

For red stretch marks, you can ask for Retin-A, use to treat red stretch marks. The active ingredients is Vitamin A, proven effective in reducing scarring.
~Read more here: Stretch Marks 

4.  Taking good care of our skin, especially for us mothers. Because we need to continue our beauty routine - giving birth doesn't STOP us - beauty pampering continue.

Moisturized our skin to make it healthy. This will also make other creams and makeups less harsh on our legs. Don't forget to use exfoliating scrub to loosen rough skin. And after that apply moisturizer, such as cocoa butter, daily. Butter will help smoothen stretch marks and even make them virtually invisible.

Asking me what method I use, I choose METHOD 3. It's pretty obvious! Think naturally, all of these doesn't matter at all, stretch marks are there already. All you need is to accept the fact that you have it, and if you want get rid of it, well not 100% rid of it - just to lighten, well , you need to follow the natural method and that is Method 3 , except #*3.

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  1. I was not knowing that there is something for covering leg stretch marks. Thanks for the post.

  2. Sometimes people totally overlook this. Makeup and lotions are considered only for the face. Some even dont touch up on the neck haha! but this is great post!

  3. This article is a must for women adter giving birth. It's likely the most fruitful ways in evading stretch marks. It's really the best solution for women legs.

  4. It is crystal clear that is meant for women. I think it is a must read for them at least there is solution leg. Kindly visit

  5. My cousin uses Dermablend and swears by it. She says it covers up everything that you can think of. Now I really need to try it too.

  6. These are great pieces of advice for those looking to improve their stretch marks! :D

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  8. Make-up is no longer for the face. Since our skin concerns are not just limited on the face area, it's good that there are products that are being developed for such concerns.

  9. I guess these skin markings are really such a big problem to have so many products dedicated to hide them. I never knew there were so many developments in this area of dermatology and cosmetology.

  10. I could have used these ideas in my youth. I had four babies, and baby #1 did me in with stretch marks. :)

  11. As for me, constant use of lotion really helps to lighten up your stretchmarks. But your advice here are helpful though.

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  15. I need this not for stretch mark but for my birth mark on my shoulders. :( It's really a huge patch so it's difficult to cover

  16. I also have a few stretchmarks because of losing and gaining weight these past few years. For me, working out and toning my body worked really well, but for others your tips might work better.


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