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"GAME OF THRONES" deliver a deceptively high stakes of season 6 that was truly satisfying and much more awaited for upcoming episodes.

If we go back from the previous episode, many disappointed fans got to see the severely wounded Arya, Blackfish was reportedly killed off-screen, the dead and resurrection of Jon Snow which just make the "BATTLE OF THE BASTARD" the episode of the season. For this will be the most awaited scene between the resurrected Jon Snow with his thousands of Wildlings plus the majority presents of the Northern houses verses the ferocious villain Ramsay Bolton with his elite people forces and several powerful families.

Sansa Stark, full of vengeance in her appearance but not noticeable.

If you're asking why you see this in every episode of the Game of Thrones and whether it has any significant to the plot of the books or if it appears anywhere in the books, the answer is NO.  "QUIET IN THE REALM", it's basically their version of "shut up, stop what you're doing, turn your phone off and watch the show." 
After seeing the Season 6, Episode 9, well the entire episode wasn't set in the North of Westeros, as many had expected. It begun at the Slavers Bay, where Meereen is attack by the slave master. And when Tyrion's deal is under intense scrutiny from the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen.

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Though he defend it very well and they had a negotiations with the slave masters, but Dany just wants to burn all her enemies down.

A look of madness that she wanted to revenge all of his people, even Tyrion could not stop her. She relents for a moment and while listening to all the demands of the masters, still Dany isn't taking it though. She said: "My reign has just begun" then appear Drogon perches beside her mother. She climbs aboard and they both soar high while other two baby dragons follow them over the heels.

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While the dragons set the masters boat blaze on fire, Tyrion and Grey Worm give the masters the ultimatum, and just like that, two masters killed by Grey Worm and one was left in order for him to tell the other slave masters about the new demands.   

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So here is the real deal, the "BATTLE OF THE BASTARDS". When Ramsay negotiate Sansa and Jon, and tell Jon that he is a Man of Mercy. Jon in return, offer himself to have a one-on-one fight in order to prevent the slaughter of thousands. But Ramsay just shake his head, did not take the bait and  remind Jon that he has his brother, Rickon Stark, the youngest of the family.

Jon was very confident to fight with Ramsay, but Sansa remind Jon how wicked Ramsay was. She knows from the fact that Ramsay will make a trap. And she also reminds Jon that she won't come back to Ramsay alive. But Jon told her not to worry, because he vows to protect her no matter what. But what makes this episode standing from others is the devastating line Sansa uttered: "NO ONE CAN PROTECT ME".

In another scene, Davos and Tormund having a conversation about believing in kings. "Maybe that was our biggest mistake", Davos concedes. And as if Jon is a king either, both have a glimmering smiles as Tormund goes to drink and Davos walk before battle.

Jon visited Melisandre, and order her not to bring him back alive if he falls to the battle. But Melisandre says, she only takes order only from the Lord of Light and that she might bring him back if the god demands it. And Jon ask, is this his will to bring me back and see me die again, what kind of god would do that? "The one we've got", she answered.

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As they face the battlefield, Jon and his giant and his Wildling forces out to see burning crosses with flayed bodies. And on the other field is Ramsay at the front and Winterfell at the back. 


Ramsay bring Rickon by a rope and shout out loud and say, "You like games little man? Let's play a game", he tells Rickon and cuts his rope. He order the poor kid to run as fast as he can. As he prepares an arrow at Rickon. Jon quickly get his horse and get his brother. As Rickon about to reach him, an arrow pierces his heart and died.

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Jon as the leader of the House of Stark's cannot accept that his brother was killed by Ramsay just like that, all his hopes vanish -- what remains is the word "REVENGE".

He jump and hug his little brother. And face Ramsay and his men as they are all going to kill Jon, but Jon force of man are there to help him fight his battle. 

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Snow forces charge. But loses his mount along the way, and Ramsay got all his planned done. He even challenge Jon by saying, "You really now nothing, do you, Jon Snow?"

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Carnage is everywhere. You may say, that this looks like the bastard of Winterfell's last stand. Ramsay order his archers to fire, even to put his own soldiers to die. While Davos decline to do it to his side.

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Jon together with his people cannot make it anymore, all are exhausted inside. Then heard a sound of a horn and here comes Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale to the rescue as Sansa bailed out Jon with her letter to Littlefinger. That is why the Vale forces comes to knock down the Bolton forces.

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Now, as Ramsay sees his fate he runs out and Jon, Tormund and the Giant pursue after him to Winterfell.

Too bad for the Giant, after knocking the gate down and having all the arrow pierces in him,  he finally rests and take his last breath facing Jon. And while Jon witness the Giant's death, thanks to Ramsay arrow he finally get his real opponent.

Facing together, finally it's time for them to have a one-on-one fight as Jon asked for. After getting all the fight and as he see Ramsay is about to give up, Jon stop and decides to leave him there as Sansa is watching the fight.  


The Starck banner is hanging in the wall of Winterfell again, but not all are happy, Jon order Rickon to be buried right beside their father.

While Sansa wants to have a private conversation with Ramsay, who is bloodied, brutally wounded and bound to a chair behind the bars in the kennel where he keeps his dog.
The titular bastards - Ramsay Bolton finally met his end. As he said the name of Sansa and as he uttered the word that his dogs are loyal to him. Sansa just added, there will be no more loyalty if they are all hungry. They are all starving for days to prepare them for battle's aftermath. And as hungry trumps loyalty comes death, the hounds tear him apart. He cried for help but Sansa turn her back and have that smile on her lips.

Sansa has been through a lot, so it's understandable, but that was still hanging, there's a dark moment of her to come.

Is Season 6, Episode 9 the best season of the Game of Thrones? What you think?     

GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Episode 9 Battle of the Bastards #GameofThrones #GoTSeason6 #BattleofBastards #Recap GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Episode 9 Battle of the Bastards #GameofThrones #GoTSeason6 #BattleofBastards #Recap Reviewed by Raine Pal on 7:48:00 PM Rating: 5

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