I cannot eat properly I am having a canker sore for 5 days now and it is a big problem to me.

Canker sores are reddish, painful and shallow lesions that develop in the mouth. They are also referred to as mouth ulcers. The common areas for the occurrence of canker sores are inside of lips, back of tongue, base of the gums and inside of the cheeks. At times, the lesions are covered with a whitish surface. 

Mouth Sore - July 25

Canker sores are NOT contagious.  Sores that last 3 weeks or longer.  

The cause of canker sores is not clear, but may be related to:
  • A weakness in your immune system (for example, from the cold or flu)
  • Hormone changes
  • Stress
  • Lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the diet, including vitamin B12 or folate

My mom advised me to put honey to my sore as a remedy. 

Usage of honey for treatment of canker sores has been followed for a long time. 

Apply honey over the sores 2-3 times daily by using a cotton swab, in order to combat pain.

Honey...yes honey from a bee! 

There are several easy remedies you can use at home to take care of and cure canker sores. However, it is important for you to know that if you have been suffering from canker sores for more than a month, it is wiser to get them checked out by a doctor. This is because you do not want to end up with complications that will worsen your situation. In order to cleanse your sores out of any infectious fluids, you can rinse out your mouth with a mix of equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water. This will also sanitize your mouth. One of the easiest ways to get rid of canker sores is to put a teaspoon of honey and run it all around each and every corner and crevice of your mouth. Honey is an extremely soothing substance; especially for skin that has become sore. It also has healing properties that can actually help you out. Alternatively, you can also do the same thing with glycerin. The only thing is that you would have to spit the glycerin out after a point, whereas you swallow the honey. You can also make a paste of turmeric powder and rose water and apply this to any particular sore. This will help to heal it and will also provide cooling relief, which will be brought on by the rose water. You must also make it a point to have hot milk to which half a teaspoon of turmeric powder has been added every night. This will also help your body to heal from within. Milk cream in which a few strands of saffron have been soaked overnight can also be applied to your sore. This will help to heal it as well. Used and chilled tea bags are also considered to be particularly useful in taking care of canker sores.
While you are suffering from canker sores, there are some foods you must avoid. This is particularly important if you are suffering from open sores. You may irritate your sores and worsen your situation otherwise. Try not to have excessively hot fluids or food. Avoid spicy food and substances that are rich in caffeine. Try not to eat hard foods as well. Eat less salt, which will be of great help with any burning you may be experiencing. Try to eat more of ice creams and yogurt. The yogurt has live bacteria which will help to fight off your infection. 

By Natural Beauty in Skin Problems

I agree with their studies, honey really can cure canker sore.

Mouth Sore - July 29

See sore is getting well now. 

I therefore conclude that starting today I am going to take my vitamins C, B-12, Ferrous Sulfate everyday.  And to make myself free of stress. 


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  1. It's hard to eat when you have those. :(

    Can't we just eat the honey instead of swabbing it onto the canker sore? xD

  2. It is better to swab it sis. There is no effect if you will just eat it. ^_^

  3. I hope you are well now and thanks for sharing the additional use of honey.

  4. Honey can heal different kind of skin deficiencies. Great tips indeed. Thanks for this one.

  5. Ouch!! That must have hurt! Good thing, you're feeling a lot better now.

  6. omg. I hate canker sores! fortunately, mine healed na.. it hurts like hell whenever I eat..

  7. thanks for sharing the cure to canker sore. been having them lately and it's really painful, but i agree that having vitamin c is one of the best way to avoid them

  8. Honey has unlimited list of uses. I imagine that I am now in Bohol buying bottles of this very effective and natural medicine.

  9. sorry to hear about your canker sore, i hate it when mine appears on my lips too. drink more vitamin c.

  10. my sister got something like this as well and got so big when she was with me here in singapore. When she went back in philippines the doctor needs to cut it as it hardens inside already and thats the only way to get the thing out of her mouth.

  11. I use honey for chapped lips too, which I get after long hours of running under the sun. They're very effective - on top of being delicious :D

  12. What works for me is listerine or any mouthwash with antiseptic. They're very effective, too.

    1. Yes. Before i read this about honey i would do antiseptic 2-3 times a day to cure it. I still do but now i will also incorporate honey.

    2. Yes i use plain antiseptic i will now use both that and honey. I am now suffering from multiple sores and it su ks horribly

  13. Another practical home remedy for a common illness. :-)

  14. My son and my mother always have these canker sores. These lesions are very painful. My mom even went to visit a doctor because of recurrence and according to her, they may be stressed related but the mouthwash she prescribed was effective. Thanks for the info about HONEY... I will tell my mom about this and I will have to secure a bottle of honey for future usage.

  15. This is very useful because I have one now. And I always called it mouth sores so now I also learned a new term "canker sores". I researched what canker means and its etymology. I learned it has a Latin origin which means "cancer" and it also means gangrene.

  16. I'm glad I found this blog, I have two cracker sores on my lips I've had for about two months off and on. I use honey for a face mas I thought about trying it on my cracker sore and see but first I wanted to research it.
    Thank you.

  17. Thanks for sharing information... visit my site canker sores

  18. I found a great way to apply the honey to keep it on a little longer, is to apply some honey to some gauze, and then put it over the sore - this works especially well overnight!!!


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