Last night I watched THE BOTTOMLINE by Boy Abunda.  Very interesting topic STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY: Vanity or Cure?

The Bottomline by BOY ABUNDA

What used to be science fiction is now science fact, and stem cell technology is making it happen.  Imagine replacing a damaged or diseased heart with one that has been fashioned out of human tissue and custom-fitted according to specifications.

According to Dr. Samuel Bernal, head of the IPMM, said “stems cells are those cells that are the origin of all the other cells in the body” and “normally provide the repair mechanism of injury.”  Oh well, that is why others are using it for vanity to help rejuvenate their old cells and to have young and youthful skin.

“If your kidney got damaged, you can get stem cells to form kidney tissues,”

It is important, however, that these treatments which are fast evolving should have a firm scientific basis, in order to ensure safety and gives the most effective outcomes so that people will know, THE COMMON TAO well know that it is not purely for VANITY but to help CURE what is being damaged.

Our Government should do something about this because Stem cell technology is complex and requires specialized personnel and equipment and others are doing it just to gain money.  As I saw last night on the show even small SARI-SARI Store sells STEM CELL Products because we still don't have a law prohibiting them to do such act.

This new discovery we have now will ease the burden of people who are suffering from kidney and cancer victims.  Hope we will use it to cure and not for vanity.
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  1. I agree with you about using it for good not for vanity. But still there are many people use it for their own good/vanity...

  2. There is no doubt that medical science has achieved a number of mile stones, especially at the time of emergency but at the same time it is also true that its medication has a number of side effects. So at that moment stem cell therapy can be considered as a perfect solution that to without any medication. Thank you.
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