In my other blog I shared with you about the USES OF MAYO for HOME. Here I am going to share with you the USES of MAYO for BEAUTY.

MAYO AS A CONDITIONER.  We all know that we girls are fond of making our hair looks good and if we touch it, we like it as soft as possible no tangles at all.  Here is the secret way to have that kind of a hair.

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  1. Hold the mayo and massage it to your hair and scalp.  Cover your head with shower cap, wait several minutes, and shampoo.
  2. The mayonnaise will moisturize your hair and give it lustrous sheen.

GET YOURSELF A MAYO FACIAL. Why waste money on an expensive creams, when you can treat yourself to a soothing facial with whole-egg mayonnaise from your own refrigerator.

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  1. Gently spread the mayonnaise over your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  2. Then wipe it off and and rinse with cool water.
  3. Your face will feel clean and smooth.

STRENGTHEN YOUR FINGERNAILS.   To add some oomph to your fingernails, just plunge them into a bowl of mayonnaise every so often.  Keep them bathed in the mayo for about 5 minutes and then wash with warm water.

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RELIEVE SUNBURN PAIN. To treat dry sunburn skin, slather mayonnaise liberally over the affected are.  Mayo will relieve the pain and moisturize the skin at the same time.

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REMOVE DEAD SKIN.  Soften and remove dead skin from elbows and feet.  Rub mayonnaise over the dry, rough tissue, leave it on for 10 minutes, and wipe it away with a damp cloth.

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MAYO FOR HEAD LICE.  This is the safest way to kill head lice, as many dermatologists now recommend using mayo to kill and remove head lice from kids.  Toxic prescription drugs and over-the-counter preparations, lice are becoming more resistant to such chemical treatments.  I used this with my two kids and it's really effective.

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  1. First massage a liberal amount of mayo into the hair and scalp before bedtime.
  2. Cover with shower cap to maximize the effect.
  3. Shampoo in the morning and then use a fine-tooth comb to remove any remaining lice and nits.
  4. To completely eradicate the infestation, repeat this treatment in 7-10 days.


Hope this will add to your beauty regimen.

Source: Extraordinary uses for Ordinary Things Magazine

  photo credit:  elana's pantry  via  photo pin   cc In my other blog I shared with you about the USES OF MAYO for HOME . Here...

The new craze for losing wrinkles.  Have you tried it?  Well if not I will share to you on how to do FACIAL YOGA from Annelise Hagen.

All you need is a MIRROR and YOU.  Then follow this instructions below.

THE SPHINX SMILE: Get rid of your smile lines

Smile by lifting the corners of your mouth up and across.  

But keep your eyes neutral.  

Repeat this 3 or 4 times.

THE SATCHMO: Make your cheeks firm

Puff up both both cheeks with air, then transfer the air from check to check.

Alternate from side to side until you're out of breath.

Repeat three times.

MARILYN: Make your lips strong and fuller

Keep your brow smooth and blow kisses.  Repeat four times.

Then press lips to your first two fingers.  Repeat three or four times.

SURPRISE ME: Smooths your wrinkled brow

Widen your eyes without wrinkling your brow, then focus on a point on the horizon for five to ten seconds.

Repeat four times.

SMILING FISH FACE: Firm and tone your cheeks and lips

Smile while slightly pursing your lips.

Withdraw and pinch your cheeks into a hollows of your face as you do so.

Repeat five times.

PUPPET FACE: It will help lift lines between your nose and lips

Smile and press your finger tips into the crease between lips and nose.

Lift muscles up and press fingertips on the area for resistance.

Repeat 20-30 times.

LION FACE: Stretches facial muscles and releases tensions

Inhale through nose and make fists and squeeze face muscles.

Exhale through mouth, stick out tongue, roll eyes and open hands.

Repeat three times.

BUMBLEBEES: Works cheeks, lips and jaw

Inhale through nose and make a chewing sound.

Vibrate the sound "mmmm" through nose as you exhale and chew.

Repeat for four breaths.

BABY BIRD: Firms jaw, neck and shoulder muscles

Tilt head back.

Swallow and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Tilt head to left and swallow, then to the right.

Repeat four times each.

There's no set of routine to face yoga as long as you can do 10 minutes a day and you can set target on a specific area on your face.

And also have proper 8 hours sleep, drink 8 glasses of water a day and good food diet.

Try this for you to feel the facial rejuvenation. You may act like a fool here but mind you, you will see the difference after 2-3 months.


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The new craze for losing wrinkles.  Have you tried it?  Well if not I will share to you on how to do FACIAL YOGA from Annelise Hagen. All...