HOME IMPROVEMENTS are basically renovating things in your home. Usually people who do the manning is those who had the professional knowledge in doing it, but for us single parents or for those who are on a tight budget we do it alone to save extortionate fees.

photo credit: Sanctuary via photopin (license)

According to an article, when a Home Improvements is done by an amateur or the home owner itself it is called DIY(Do it yourself).  

The HOME IMPROVEMENTS is different with HOME REPAIRS. Because if we talk about Home Repair it co-relate with the fixing and finding solution to a problem, like if your faucet got clog or you have a sputtering shower. While Home Improvements deals with bettering your home, adding new things, or changing style.  

If only I had my own house, I can manage things and make my place a nice place to live in and I can turn it around and make it a haven. And to make it look better, I don't have to spend hundred of pesos to make my house looks great and expensive.

There are so many simple ways to make it cool, just follow these 5 SIMPLE THINGS that are applicable especially to Filipino household!

(1) Add an extra cabinet for your cleaning supply storage.(photo credit to Sew Many Ways). What I like about this cabinet is that, I can lock up all poisonous materials out of children's reach.

(2) Install a murphy beds. A murphy bed is also called the "WALL BED", "PULL DOWN BED or "FOLD-DOWN BED". I know this is so hard for us Filipino to have this kind of a bed because we prefer to sleep in a bunk bed. But let us try considering the murphy beds in order to have a spacious place to live in.(credit photo to SPRINGHOUSE SHOP & STUDIO)


(3) Have a DRAWERS for your electric outlet for your charging phones, laptops, or any electrical gadgets. These will also help you hide the ugly stuff wiring's in your home. Just make sure that your drawer is shorter than normal to allow room for power strips cord in the back.(photo credit to LGB Interiors)


(4) Stairs for storage. A cool idea to stop shoe cluttering in our home, this is also good for magazine and newspaper storage.

(5) Make an Innovative Bookcase. If you love to read books or you have a lot of books in your house and want to keep it, make a rotating bookcase.

I love this shape-shifting movement of 6 panels located on the upper corner of the cabinet which divides the living room and the bedroom, which is for me a very innovative and simple idea if you are living in a small apartment or a house.

A very unique design if you want to add something fresh in to your house.

These are just my 5 simple things that will make your home intensely awesome, a nice haven to live in. A place where you can feel comfortable and indestructible.

Before making any of this plan make sure to have a basic covered; financially and emotionally. It is very hard to make a Home Improvements Projects, you have to set priority and what you want DONE! Be ready for the outcome because if not there will be a great problem doing it again!

So, set first a plan and make sure that at the end you have a home that you can simply call this is my idea and this suits me!


HOME IMPROVEMENTS are basically renovating things in your home. Usually people who do the manning is those who had the professional know...