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To find the best fit for your shoes you must buy it in the afternoon or evening, since that day your feet are bigger(they swell during the day).

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When you want to get the right size of your shoes have it measure by standing up, because your feet expand under the weight of your body.

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The shape of your shoes matters as well.  How does the shoe conforms to your feet?  You have to put room in front of your toes, at least 3/8" to 1/2" between the longest toe and the front of your shoe when your standing.  And also at the back of your toes to prevent the shoe from rubbing against that cause corns and calluses.

Well some of us have different sizes of feet, some are not similar in sizes.  If your feet are like that you must choose shoes that fit the bigger foot.  And just put additional support pad for the other foot.  Be aware that if you buy shoes do not buy that are too stiff or too tight to wear shoes, your feet will suffer for that.

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Be patient and responsible shoe shopper.  Do not depend on how the shoe looks like,or the famous brand the shoe manufactured. Give focus to your feet. It is not bad to be fashionable and sophisticated.

Fashion and Comfort.  BE HEALTHY ALWAYS!!! 

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  1. My feet are so sensitive, madaling magsugat so i prefer the comfortable one. no high heels as much as possible

  2. Buying shoes in the afternoon or evening is one of the earliest tip that i learned and i would say it's really effective. Another thing I heard lately is to consider whether you're flat-footed, etc. That's something I need to learn coz I don't know the difference :)

  3. I guess you really have to go for comfort and flexibility.. that's the number one thing to be considered in buying shoes..

  4. me is like that too! Even though how gorgeous the shoes is, if it is too heavy for me or im not comfy at all i wont buy it haha

  5. I agree with you! I love to wear stilettos before when I was in school. I feel comfortable with them. Well I don't like those super thin na takong nakakatakot un lol. :))

  6. Comfort should always be the top priority when buying shoes!

    *that's why I seldom buy shoes that are higher than 2inches* and *shoes that are pointed at the end part* hohoho!

  7. Very well said. Comfort shouldn't be sacrificed for fashion.

  8. True.. comfort comes first for me, then the price.. the brand doesn't matter a lot.

  9. My top priority in choosing a shoe is that how well will it bring comfort to my feet.

  10. YES to comfort :) Must be my topmost priority in buying shoes. Nothing could defeat this I guess.


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