Fresh Fruit Infused Water Detox for this Summer #Health #WaterInfused #DetoxWater #summer

Last Saturday, I saw my mom slicing fruits and a few minutes she fill a pitcher of water and add all the slice fresh fruits.

I love to drink water. I live in Davao City where water is hail as the second cleanest water in the whole world. I'd know it's good to drink water a lot to keep you hydrated.

However, when I saw my mother having this kind of a water recipe, I was excited to try it out of curiosity. It's a cucumber, lemon and a mint leaves.

Well, who loves to try this kind of refreshing beverage? Summer is here, thinking about the beaches and turquoise the heat of the sun equals the quenching thirst.


Relax and rehydrate with this fresh fruits infused water. We all know that drinking water is good for our body, but drinking plain water is not enough to give that boost of energy we need.

Infused Water do the Tricks.... it taste refreshing and they add flavors to the water without that artificial and unhealthy additives like coloring and sugar. It's a naturally energizing water that will definitely keep you hydrated during the hot summer month and/or after workout.

Remember: Drinking cucumber water for weight loss is also popular because it works well!

Here are some Infused Water Ingredients that will help you loss weight:

Orange(Tangerine) and Strawberry Water

Fruits are rich in vitamins C and are great in boosting our energy.

A faster way in losing weight, just a gallon a day and you will surely lose 10 pounds in a month, just avoid drinking chemical powder and drops. You can drink it cold or hot.

Mango Ginger Water

This water detox helps a lot of people in losing weight and lower their high blood pressure.

Ginger helps a lot in soothing pain, like menstrual camp and migraines too!

Mango also aid digestion, boost memory and it increases our sex drive.

Keep this refrigerated at least 1-2 hours before serving. And you can fridge the remaining infused water for 24 hours.

Slim down detox water and be healthy this summer and enjoy the natural, healthy flavored infused water this time. It is easy to do recipe ---simple and effortless recipe. Cost effective and fun at the same time.

Fresh Fruit Infused Water Detox for this Summer #Health #WaterInfused #DetoxWater #summer Fresh Fruit Infused Water Detox for this Summer  #Health #WaterInfused #DetoxWater #summer Reviewed by Raine Pal on 3:13:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. The LEMON CUCUMBER MINT WATER looks like a must try. Not only for detox, but for the taste :) I'dd definitely prepare it!

  2. I better do this as well. I've been drinking turmeric-ginger-lemon grass warm beverage everyday but I shifted to turmeric-calamansi which I drink like a tea. :-) -Claire Algarme

  3. Summer is there for you?! I'm from Canada so it's still freezing here :P
    This water, however, might make it FEEL a bit more summery. It looks delicious! I like adding lemon to mine- the mango would be a nice splash to infuse a bit of sweetness. Maybe that's a combination to check out, as i've tried (and love) the cucumber, mint and lemon :)

  4. I used to make that Lemon cucumber mint water. It really is refreshing. I will make one later. Great post!

  5. I think I am going try these recipes for sure...want to lose some weight this year..Thanks for sharing..

  6. I totally love infused water. Every time I've drunk it I've felt awesome. Call it laziness of whatever but somehow I just don't get the motivation to make it regularly...

  7. I drink detox too! Not only are they healthy, they are also yummy! Will definitely try these.

  8. I would love to take this LEMON CUCUMBER MINT WATER,it's really much needed here for this summer.

  9. My mom does this all the time, she loves using different kinds of fruits for her water. It's really effective, she's lost a lot of weight ever since she started! It's amazing!

  10. We're doing this at home. Simple way to keep ourselves healthy and the body clean.- Karent

  11. I agree that fruit infused water does really taste better and fresher. It is easy to do as long you have supply of fresh fruits. Cucumber is really a good idea, thanks.

  12. I would prefer this since I'm always looking for even a hint of taste in water. I like that it can also be a lot healthier.

  13. I've tried the lemon cucumber before and i enjoyed it. It's my first time to learn about the orange w/ strawberry and mango w/ ginger. Would love to try the orange strawberry but I think I would pass with the mango ginger combination.Sounds a bit weird to me :P

  14. I simply wanted to say how I have been using it for 5 weeks now along with my healthier diet plan and boot camp classes and am feeling great and my skin is way smoother and glow. I make my protein shake inside it every morning! No leaks and simple to clean so no lingering has the aroma of other bottles check them out!check them out


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