Orly Gel FX 480 FX LED Lamp

Saw my friend having this kind of hand pampering at Hairs and Nails.

Photo credit to Mitchel Calungsod-Cielo

Great timing because I have to do a post about this product.


The Orly Gel FX 480FX LED Lamp has 30 second cure time. It is energy efficient, light weight, compact, sleek and ergonomic, it is a lamp for life! Cut your treatment times down to 25-30 minutes, compared to 40-50 minutes using UV technology.

It helps our nails to cure and prevent from turning yellow and to avoid irregular ridges, peeling,cracking that leads to possible health issues.

UV TECHNOLOGIES for nails offers a wide variety that draws much attention from Green Technology and Eco-friendly product, that is why the industry comply what is good for the users as well.

Your fingernails and toenails say a lot about your health and hygiene, better have something that protect you before it become a BIG PROBLEM!

Orly Gel FX 480 FX LED Lamp Orly Gel FX 480 FX LED Lamp Reviewed by Raine Pal on 4:44:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. This would save you lots of time drying the nails and the hands.

  2. I had always been wondering how this device works. How much is one in the market?

  3. @Rochkirstin: At first I don't know how. But when I saw my friend putting her hands inside the Orly Gel FX , her colored nails went dry quickly and it cost her 1,800..that includes manicure,pedicure, foot spa, paraffin wax hand and feet. This product worth online, $237.93 in AMAZON.

  4. I guess I've experience one of this before in thailand. Its nice to know what it really does and more information for those vain ladies like us!

  5. girls are really into beauty and i must say that taking good care of nails must really be considered.

  6. My mom already tried this orly gel fx pero nakalimutan ko lang kung ano name ng salon na yun. Based on my mom's nails, you can see instant great results after using this gadget! :))

  7. I'm an Orly fan!! I might search the net for online stores selling this kind of product. =)

  8. UV means ultraviolet right? Sorry I haven't seen this device personally I am ignorant about this thanks for the info :)


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