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I am somewhat fascinated with people who look like identical twins or having a doppelganger whether a celebrity or just an ordinary person. As what the series, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES gives us an impression with Elena malevolent doppelganger Katrina Petrova  and the question of whether everyone has a doppelganger.

A DOPPELGANGER is a look-a-like or double of a living person but aren't related at all. I thought it's just all about the series, a fictional stories that can't be a FACT. But I was wrong when this photo of a girl circulating around the social network just 2 days ago, here name is Czarinah Gania.

She really looks like the ABS-CBN Teen Queen Actress KATHRYN BERNARDO. From her hair, smile, lips, cheeks and her almond eyes. 

Photo credit to WIKI

And looking at her Facebook Public Timeline, she's a student from Far Eastern University taking up BS Tourism Management.

Even friends call her Kathryn as seen on this screenshot.

I am more convince that Doppelganger does exist. And having that kind of face similarities maybe somehow strange and scary, because according to a folklore its considered a very bad luck, often heralding to death or serious illness. Well in their case, its not a bad luck, it talks more about career and success. Both of them are very active in their life, KATRYN is a promising young actress/singer and Czarinah is good in sports like sea surfing.

In famous cases, like the late President of the United States of America ABRAHAM LINCOLN reportedly saw doppelganger shortly before his death.

Here are some people who look a like but not related at all, CLICK HERE >>> PETAPIXEL

Whatever you have now in your life make it more productive, because we don't know what lies next.

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