Men often both suffer from dandruff and thinning of hair, but that was I thought. Everyone sheds some hair and we often notice this if we are in the shower.

I experience this recently, and honestly I got scared and at the same time confused on what to do. Seeing my hair float toward the drain make me think of quitting washing my long hair and afraid to use shampoo and conditioner.

I can feel that every time I go to shower, I lose more hairs when I wash it.


Dandruff is characterized by the formation of fine sprinkling of white flakes. And that causes FALLING HAIR.

The outer layer of skin or the EPIDERMIS constantly changes and skin cells renew themselves from time to time. 


Skipping the shampoo doesn't help the dandruff and doesn't slow hair loss, so what should we do to stop it from falling and make our hair healthy again.


Dandruff is a "cosmetic disease", that some dermatologist have called it. Though it is not contagious, not that very serious and not lead to any high-risking health problems, but if left untreated it will cause itchiness and inflamed your scalp that can cause temporary hair loss.

And you need to choose a right dandruff shampoo that can help your scalp and hair at the same time. Now I am using HEAD & SHOULDER Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, the pyrithione zinc, which can be found in this shampoo is one of the common treatments who have this kind of condition.

As for now, my scalp and hair are doing fine, though I don't feel the itchiness but if I touched it, I can still feel the clump portion of the dandruff that I love to get rid using my fingers.


I decided to cut my hair short so that I can handle my hair easy, comparing it to a long hair,which is difficult to manage while getting rid of my dandruff and to avoid falling hair at the same time.

You can try some simple but helpful natural home remedies, that you can make easily, though the results is to slow, but the effect of the treatment can help solve problem completely.



photo credit: Dầu dừa via photopin (license)

It's anti-fungal properties help eliminates dandruff, it moisturize dry scalp and stop itchiness.


This is also very effective because it can restore the pH balance of our hair and scalp at the same time. It also work as natural hair clarifier and helps clean clogged pores and hair follicles.


This is an effective natural moisturizer, scalp dryness can be cured with regular use of olive oil.


You can use the aloe vera gel and massage it to your scalp and hair. We all know that aloe vera help promotes hair growth. It relieve scalp itching, reduces scalp redness & inflammation. Add luster to hair. It has anti-fungal properties that alleviates dandruff.

For some, dandruff shampoo will work great for awhile but it keeps on coming back. The best thing to do is to switch or alternate the use of your shampoo.

Natural or with chemicals bottom line is to clean our hair and scalp properly, remove all the built-up hair products that we usually put to our hair.

And if your not happy with the result better consult a dermatologist specializing in hair loss and scalp problems.

Thank you for reading....

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Men often both suffer from dandruff and thinning of hair, but that was I thought. Everyone sheds some hair and we often notice this if we ...


  1. I have both dandruff and falling hair issues, it became worse after having my third child. I love the natural remedies in your article, will definitely them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the info! We use coconut oil in many applications. I'll let my spouse know about this article. Sending him the link!

  3. I also have resigned to cutting my hair shorter and going for monthly scalp treatments. I have tried olive oil but I find that it's too "rich" for my skin. I am intrigued to try out the apple cider vinegar. Thank you for sharing the natural home remedies.

  4. using apple vinegar and aloe are great ways to treat dandruff. I usually get this problem in winters. Using oils also help in treating hair fall problems.

  5. This post is great and timely as I have dandruff that can't be removed. LoL. I've used so many dandruff shampoos but to no avail. I've also shaved my hair but the dandruff keeps on reappearing. I know what to do now!

  6. So much info!! Learned so much about hair care! Trying out the coconut oil thing tomorrow! :D

  7. I use head and shoulder against dandruff. It's really nice that we have more effective shampoos against dandruff.

  8. Sometimes, dandruff is caused by stress. Falling hair could be thyroid-related ( which happened to me ). It's important to strike a work-life balance so as not to be exposed to too much stress and at the same, the right hair products, both commercial and organic, also help. I've read about olive oil as a remedy for dry scalp.

  9. I have this problem ages ago pa. Now, bald na ako. But I can recall na I used then Aloe Vera. Maganda rin yan para tumubo ang hair.

  10. I think cutting hair short can make it more manageable. It's also best to use some organic remedies to avoid toxic chemicals.

  11. I have falling hair problems since I became pregnant. I never thought of using home remedies. I'll try using ACV, we have that at home.

  12. Dandruff is a problem I face whenever I sleep with my hair wet! Or even, when I'm stressed! Somehow, me going to the hair salon for hair treatment solve the problem (for at least 1-2 months!)

  13. Thanks for sharing your tips and remedies. I too faced the same hair loss and dandruff, I will try the apple cider vinegar remedy.

  14. Yung coconut oil, is good din but preparing one takes time. My wife kasi prefer that she do it herself.

  15. Wow. I did not know that there are a lot of options to fight dandruff other than the shampoos. And to know that they are easy to have, thank you for this helpful post. Very well done

  16. I already know that the worst shampoo for my hair is the Rejoice brand. My scalp really becomes itchy with it. Head & Shoulders is also my choice.

  17. I like the home remedies because they are gentler on the hair. Great selection of suggested options to try.

  18. I have to consistently keep my hair moisturized because I have a serious dandruff problem if my hair isn't. I love using oils but recently found a product that I love.

  19. Any remedies for hair fall problem and preventing the hair getting grey to white? hmm

  20. I try to alternate my shampoo brands every time a bottle runs out. I even try to skip shampooing every other bath and just go straight to conditioner. Luckily I don't suffer from this but will take note of the natural remedies in case it happens to me.

  21. Oh I didn't know anything about this!Thanks for the post!My father has hair falling problems all the information will be helpful!

  22. This information is very useful thanks for posting the information on hairfall solutions.
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