Losing Weight with Bulletproof Coffee

Heard about this coffee? It is the fad and the most trending topic in losing weight in the USA.

What is Bulletproof Coffee? This coffee drink was promoted as a replacement for breakfast. According to Dave Asprey(Bulletproof Executive), it is a way to feel LEAN, FOCUSED and ENERGIZED. And it helps you to TRANSFORM your diet without chewing on sticks of butter.

Well, this is good news for those who usually skip their breakfast. I am pretty sure that most of the people in the morning are in a hurry to go to work that sometimes, or let me rephrase that, they forgot to eat breakfast because they wake up late or they have to get hurry or else they will be caught in a bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Good thing, BULLETPROOF COFFEE was invented!   

How to make the coffee? (download Bulletproof recipe here)

(C) Bulletproof

Another thing about this coffee, it helps rejuvenate skin, as stated in one of the comment in their site.

Is this safe? What are the components of Bulletproof Coffee and its other ingredients in the recipe?

(C) Bulletproof

I know some of you will react about skipping breakfast, but to try is not a crime, right? Maybe this is the time for us to change our views about drinking coffee, especially those who have problems with their weight. A High healthy fat breakfast of Bulletproof is the answer!

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